Solar patio lights

There are different types of solar patio lights that you can use as your garden lighting.  They come in every forms and shapes from string lights, spot lights to yard lights. The good thing about using these solar lights is the fact that they can transform your yard to different moods without any electrical works. Most of these type of patio lights are dependent on the sun for energy and doesn’t require any electricity to run.

How these solar patio lights can be used depend greatly on the structure that your home possess. The more structure you have, the greater the possibilities in terms of decor. For example, if you have a garden pond or swimming pool, you can use floating solar lights to decorate the sides of the pool. Alternatively, if you have some wooden garden furniture, then solar spot lights or flood lights will be useful to illuminate the patio furniture.

Solar path patio lights

These are some of the most commonly used solar patio lighting by home owners. They are laid alongside the patio pathway to create different moods depending on what is the theme that you want for your patio area. Due to the many different lighting styles, it is easy to coordinate them with your patio furniture.  Patio lights are easy on the eyes during the day but they really come to life during the night when they can illuminate the pathway.

Floating solar patio lights

As mentioned previously, these type of floating patio lights are waterproof and can be used alongside and in the pool itself. They are usually brightly colored with some models having the option to change into multiple colors during the night. These patio lights, like the rest of solar lighting, usually come on by themselves and this can save you time in turning them on during the night. When these are turned on during the night, the water reflection of these colored light can really make your swimming pools or ponds look outstanding.

Solar flood lights

Solar flood lights are layer on a string which can then be hanged on your house or any outdoor setting where there is an area to tied the strings to. String lights are similar to Christmas-style lighting in that they consist of a powered string with multiple light bulbs. Each bulb has a plastic cover which is modeled to a certain theme. Themes range from pink flamingos to Japanese paper lanterns, appealing to a wide variety of tastes. In term of mounting the solar light, it is easy to do so via the use of Velcro, hooks or strings.

What are the best longest lasting brightest solar garden lights

We have prepare a list of the best longest lasting brightest solar garden lights after researching through a comprehensive list solar garden products through amazon. The worse thing we want when buying new solar garden lighting is to have a dim lights, or ones that doesn’t last. In fact, for the brands or models that we recommend, they provide the best value so that you can get solar garden lights that provide the longest and brightest lights for your garden or your patio areas.

How we do our do our product research is quite straight forward. We search for all solar garden lights on Amazon and sort them according to which items are the best selling. We can look at those best sellers and see which one has lots of positive reviews. We also scan through the reviews to see whether the positive points about these lights are related to their durability and long lasting. Finally, we eliminate those that cost too much. After all, we want to give the best value to your readers and we select those that are under USD100.

moonrays solar garden lights These mornrays color changing solar garden lights can give off 7 types of different lights and looks great when placed side by side in the garden. They need to be recharged for 8 hours and they do need the full exposure to the sun, not eight hours in the shades.

The great things about these lights is their price. They cost less than USD15 and are much cheaper than westinghouse solar lights, which are priced along the lines of USD30 to 50.

The light quality is really good with these mornrays solar lights. The lighted globe is designed with thick crackle glass that’s durable enough for extended outdoor use. Along with its strong construction, the Moonrays Glass Ball features seven LED colors–yellow, green, purple, pink, orange, blue, and red. The colors rotate through the spectrum, setting a festive mood for every event.

Stainless steel solar garden lights

Looking for cheap stainless steel solar garden lights? Our store is currently having a sale on high quality stainless steel solar garden lights. If you want to buy cheap solar lights, please click on the image below to go to our Amazon store. It is currently having a 30% discount a 6 pack solar garden lights. We have price compare against all other shopping sites and have found Aamzon to offer the best value.

Solar garden lights are something that we are personally using in our Singapore home as well. In our country, the sunlight is all year around, making the use of solar garden lights very efficiently. Currently, we are using the 6 pack as you can see in the image. It is good for us as the lights can typically last for a few hours after being recharged in the sun.

The quality of the lights produced are very good, even when we put it besides other lighting sources such as the street lights.  It is bright enough to cover our entire garden when we space out the lights. Since our garden is quite large, I would say they work even better when placed in a smaller one.

stainless steel solar garden lightsIn terms of appearance, these solar garden lights are quite attractive so they will not out of place when placed in your garden.

How to install solar garden lights

These lights are very easy to install. Strathwood Solar Path Lights include three parts: a solar panel and glass fixture, a stake, and a spike. Each glass fixture fastens snugly on top of a 9-inch stainless steel stake, and a 7-inch plastic spike fits into the opposite end. No need to worry about wires or plugs–just find the perfect spot in your garden, and push the extra-long spike into the ground. However, one thing you need to know is that the spikes are made of plastic, rather than steel. You need to push the spikes deep into the ground if you want them not to snap during heavy rain.

Indoor solar lighting

Indoor solar lighting might sound counter intuitive to you but we now have this ability to use solar powered light within our homes. This is new technology that is beginning to appear in the market. If you want to know about how indoor solar lighting works, read on to find out.

These types of solar lights uses a mixture of solar light tube and solar powered light technology. When there is sun, the solar panel installed on your roof will transmit the energy from the panel to the light tube. When there is no sun, the lighting will switch back to traditional electricity. Using this hybrid solves the problem that is facing all slower powered items: what happens when there is no light.

The benefits of using indoor lighting is very obvious. It helps to conserve energy consumption which is good for the environment as well as being able to save you save money off your electric bills. In fact, there was as a study done that showed that if all American switched to solar lighting, we could save more than USD 600 million annually.

Another benefit of indoor solar lighting is to save you hassle on the changing light bulbs. With traditional lighting fixtures, you probably need to change the light bulbs once every few months. With solar lighting, you can use the bulbs forever and there is no need to change the light bulbs.

Where to buy indoor solar lighting

Indoor solar lighting is now available in a number of online stores. Focus sites like provides a better range of lighting than what you would find in your local store. General sites like Amazon offers them as well but their selection is not as wide as these speciality sites.

When buying solar lighting online, it is advisable to choose a site that offer free shipping and a good return policy. The free shipping will save you some money and lower your price while the return policy can allow you to return goods that are damaged during shipping or manufacturing.

To buy cheap indoor solar lighting, you can try to shop at price comparison sites like These shopping sites offer a very good price comparison engine that can help you find the best deals online across different sites as well.