Solar patio lights

There are different types of solar patio lights that you can use as your garden lighting.  They come in every forms and shapes from string lights, spot lights to yard lights. The good thing about using these solar lights is the fact that they can transform your yard to different moods without any electrical works. Most of these type of patio lights are dependent on the sun for energy and doesn’t require any electricity to run.

How these solar patio lights can be used depend greatly on the structure that your home possess. The more structure you have, the greater the possibilities in terms of decor. For example, if you have a garden pond or swimming pool, you can use floating solar lights to decorate the sides of the pool. Alternatively, if you have some wooden garden furniture, then solar spot lights or flood lights will be useful to illuminate the patio furniture.

Solar path patio lights

These are some of the most commonly used solar patio lighting by home owners. They are laid alongside the patio pathway to create different moods depending on what is the theme that you want for your patio area. Due to the many different lighting styles, it is easy to coordinate them with your patio furniture.  Patio lights are easy on the eyes during the day but they really come to life during the night when they can illuminate the pathway.

Floating solar patio lights

As mentioned previously, these type of floating patio lights are waterproof and can be used alongside and in the pool itself. They are usually brightly colored with some models having the option to change into multiple colors during the night. These patio lights, like the rest of solar lighting, usually come on by themselves and this can save you time in turning them on during the night. When these are turned on during the night, the water reflection of these colored light can really make your swimming pools or ponds look outstanding.

Solar flood lights

Solar flood lights are layer on a string which can then be hanged on your house or any outdoor setting where there is an area to tied the strings to. String lights are similar to Christmas-style lighting in that they consist of a powered string with multiple light bulbs. Each bulb has a plastic cover which is modeled to a certain theme. Themes range from pink flamingos to Japanese paper lanterns, appealing to a wide variety of tastes. In term of mounting the solar light, it is easy to do so via the use of Velcro, hooks or strings.

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