Stainless steel solar garden lights

Looking for cheap stainless steel solar garden lights? Our store is currently having a sale on high quality stainless steel solar garden lights. If you want to buy cheap solar lights, please click on the image below to go to our Amazon store. It is currently having a 30% discount a 6 pack solar garden lights. We have price compare against all other shopping sites and have found Aamzon to offer the best value.

Solar garden lights are something that we are personally using in our Singapore home as well. In our country, the sunlight is all year around, making the use of solar garden lights very efficiently. Currently, we are using the 6 pack as you can see in the image. It is good for us as the lights can typically last for a few hours after being recharged in the sun.

The quality of the lights produced are very good, even when we put it besides other lighting sources such as the street lights.  It is bright enough to cover our entire garden when we space out the lights. Since our garden is quite large, I would say they work even better when placed in a smaller one.

stainless steel solar garden lightsIn terms of appearance, these solar garden lights are quite attractive so they will not out of place when placed in your garden.

How to install solar garden lights

These lights are very easy to install. Strathwood Solar Path Lights include three parts: a solar panel and glass fixture, a stake, and a spike. Each glass fixture fastens snugly on top of a 9-inch stainless steel stake, and a 7-inch plastic spike fits into the opposite end. No need to worry about wires or plugs–just find the perfect spot in your garden, and push the extra-long spike into the ground. However, one thing you need to know is that the spikes are made of plastic, rather than steel. You need to push the spikes deep into the ground if you want them not to snap during heavy rain.

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